Blacksmithing Classes

Craft Central is pleased to offer blacksmithing classes! Learn the art of forging steel, and gain a basic understanding of blacksmithing tools. Classes include lessons on heating, hammering, twisting, and punching holes in steel. You will have the opportunity to use this information in creating beautiful projects of your very own, or as gifts for loved ones. Come prepared to work in an industrial shop environment.

NOTICE! This class is taught at a different location from our studio.

12591 Maurer Industrial Dr, St. Louis, MO, 63127

Things to know before attending blacksmithing classes:

  • You will be exposed to hot steel being hammered, which emits sparks. You will be required to wear protective clothing (clothing that covers arms and legs), closed-toed shoes, gloves, safety glasses, and possibly hearing protection.
  • Gloves, safety glasses, and limited shop aprons will be provided on-site.
  • Please do not wear loose clothing such as scarves or ties, and please remove any jewelry before entering the shop.
  • No children under 14, please (for safety reasons). Minors ages 14-18 MUST be accompanied by an adult who is also enrolled in the class.
  • Please be aware of what is going on around you at all times and follow all safety procedures.
  • There is a maximum class size of 5 people.

Prices vary by class. Classes are to be taken in order, with each being a prerequisite to the next. They may be purchased individually or as a package. Please call for details, or see our calendar for upcoming dates and additional information!

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